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Welcome to Lunds Ju-jutsuförening

We are a member of the Swedish Ju-Jutsu Association, SJJF. They define the ju-jutsu style called Svenska Ju-jutsu Kai and has more than 80 clubs located all over Sweden. Within Svenska Ju-jutsu Kai, two different systems are defined. There is an adult system (kyu/dan) and a system for children (mon).

If you are interested in starting to train ju-jutsu with us, you are always welcome to join us for a trail session, which is for free. For beginners, wear soft training clothes, trousers with long legs and no jewellery.

Training is held at our dojo in IF Lunds Karate Kyokushinkai's house at Klosterängsvägen 15, Norra Fäladen, Lund. It is the second building on the right hand after Willys supermarket, just after the 90 degrees bend where Magistratsvägen becomes Klosterängsvägen. Bus no 4 will take you from Botulfsplatsen to the dojo. The bus should have a sign saying "Norra Fäladen" and you should get off at the bus stop named "Kämnarsvägen". The dojo is 150 m further up the road, walk in the direction the bus is going. The entrance to the dojo is at the back of the building.


Training schedule:

Children, beginners Tuesday 18:00-19:00, Thursday 18:00-19:00
Children, yellow-brown belts Tuesday 18:00-19:00, Thursday 18:00-19:00
Adults, beginners Tuesday 19:00-20:30, Thursday 19:00-20:30
Adults, yellow-orange belts  Tuesday 19:00-20:30, Thursday 19:00-20:30      
Adults, green-black belts Tuesday 19:00-20:30, Thursday 19:00-20:30
On Saturdays, 13:00-15:00, there is an extra training session for adult graduates. This session is also open for those who want individual training.


Training fees:

Adults  1050 kr/semester
Children    700 kr/semester

Fees should be paid by 31th of October for autumn semester and by 28th of February for spring semester. Use Plusgiro number 136356-3. Don’t forget to fill in the name and social security number (or nationality) of the person concerned.

For more information, please contact us here.


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Lunds Ju-jutsuförening - Budo och Kampsport
Mikael El-Kayal Klasson, Kämnärsvägen 33F
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